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The Region

a history rich in winemaking. A people, impassioned for the future.  

La Livinière is a commune within the Hérault départment located at the foothill of the Montagne Noire. The village is known to have the largest vineyards within the Minervois area and has been producing wine since before the Roman occupation. Originally known as Livineira in 1069 the village adopted its current name in 1688. The appelation, Minervois-La-Livinière was inaugurated in 1999 and was given to the six municipalities in the foothills of the Montagne Noire: La Liviniére, Siran, Cesseras, Félines-Minervois, Azillanet and Azille. 

There is a pervading feeling of excitement and commitment in the appellation.
— Taste Languedoc


Minervois La Liviniere is one of only four Languedoc "Crus" - the highest AOC classification awarded to exceptional wines. In recent years the vignerons (winemakers) from this small village have been attracting attention due to their longstanding reputation of quality and traditional wine-making techniques coupled with a new generation of passionate and innovative winemakers. 

As a testament to this special place on the foothills of the Montagne Noire there is a movement championing the creation of their own appellation "Cru La Liviniere". Watch this space, the excitement of the future is bubbling. 

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